Tax-Free Cycling Scheme Ireland

Welcome to our blog series on the Tax-Free Cycling Scheme in Ireland! Let’s explore how this initiative is reshaping commuting habits, promoting sustainability, and offering tax benefits to participants.

  1. Understanding the Scheme:
    • Learn who’s eligible and how the scheme works, including its tax advantages for employees and employers.
  2. Employee Benefits:
    • Discover how employees can save money on bicycles and accessories while promoting healthier lifestyles.
  3. Employer Advantages:
    • Find out how employers can improve morale and save on costs by implementing the scheme.
  4. Participation Guide:
    • Step-by-step instructions for employees and employers to enroll and navigate the scheme seamlessly.
  5. Success Stories:
    • Hear inspiring tales from individuals and businesses who have benefited from the Tax-Free Cycling Scheme.
  6. Future Prospects:
    • Explore the potential growth and impact of the scheme on sustainable transportation in Ireland.


Join the movement towards greener commuting and financial savings with the Tax-Free Cycling Scheme in Ireland. Start pedaling towards a healthier, more sustainable future today!

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