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ADO A26+ Electric Bike-26 Inch Electric Mountain Bike

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We use all of the most trustworthy materials available in ADO’s next electric mountain bike for 2022. The ADO A26+ has a good spring suspension fork, suited for mountainous terrain. Its body also includes a shock-absorbing design, allowing it to maintain a pleasant ride on even the most difficult mountain roads.

It is ideal for long-distance mountain riding when combined with a large-capacity and easy-to-replace battery.

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Classification Item EU version specification International version specification
Features Compliance with EU regulations can switch to accelerator,unlock speed 
Support mode Pedal, pedal assist Pedal, pedal assist,can switch to accelerator
General Brand A Dece Oasis A Dece Oasis
Type 26inch electric bike 26inch electric bike
Model A26+ A26+
Foldable No No
Overall unit 17800x 700x 1000 mm 17800x 700x 1000 mm
Rated Power 250W 250W up to 500W
Net Weight 21kg 21kg
Gross weight 25kg 25kg
Payload ≤120kg ≤120kg
Color black  black
Vehicle Performance Max. Speed 25km  25km/35km (Unlock mode)
Transmission Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed
Electric range <60km  <60km
Battery Rated Voltage 36V 36V
Charge cut-off voltage 42V 42V
Rated Capacity 36V 12.5AH 36V 12.5AH
Charging time 7hours 7hours
Type of batteries Removable portable charging battery Removable portable charging battery


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