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Airwheel H3M elderly scooter – Mobilizer Scooter For Older People


MDR (EU) 2017/745 Certification-Airwheel H3M Mobility Scooter

Airwheel H3M elderly scooter is the first scooter of its kind to combine rugged performance with feather-touch disassembly. Not only is this scooter ready to drive just about anywhere, but it’s also easy to take it apart for transportation.

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Best mobility scooters for seniors In 2021-Airwheel H3M

Airwheel H3M elderly scooter Mobility scooter features speed and style. This 4-wheel travel scooter will turn heads with a stylish body and designer aluminum wheels. The Airwheel H3M elderly scooter has a top speed of 6km/h and a heavy-duty steel front bumper adds safety.


All-round folding design-mobility scooters for older people

No need to use tools, long-distance travel is more convenient

Significantly improve the life circle

6km/h safe pace, 35km long battery life

Small model with strong passability

Free access to elevators, markets, parks

Simple operation, easy to use for the elderly

Simple operation panel, easy to drive forward in 30 minutes, stop when the electromagnetic brake is released

Safe travel more protection

The senior citizen scooter front and rear thickened anti-collision bars can reduce the impact force, and the anti-rolling wheels can prevent the vehicle from falling backwards when going up and down.

Breathable and comfortable cushion

Ergonomic seat can be adjusted as you like, comfortable and breathable cushion, long-term sitting is not tired

E-ABS electromagnetic brake system-elderly scooter

Let go and brake, never slip, avoid panic and make mistakes, protect the elderly every time they go out

Iron-carbon alloy, one-piece frame

The H3M Mobiliter scooter upgraded frame is made of iron-carbon alloy in one piece, which is durable and high in safety (up to load-bearing)

8 inch explosion-proof thick solid tire

4 thickened explosion-proof solid tires at the front and rear, making it easier to use

Front led headlight light control system design

Front-enhanced LED headlights for longer lighting distance (left reflector)

Detachable widened shopping basket-Motorized scooters for seniors

The vegetable basket can be disassembled separately to facilitate the daily shopping needs of the elderly

One key switch manual/electric dual mode

Manual push mode, can only be pushed to the point where it can’t be ridden Electric mode, can only be ridden, can’t push (Electric mode) (Manual mode)

Safe travel design with horn and whistle

Remind people or cars in front and behind The horn can be sounded at any time to warn of passing vehicles


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