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Bicycle Rear View Mirrors Kit Wrist Rearview Convex Mirror


Rearview mirror with wrist strap, 360 degree retotation, you can easily get the viewing angle you want by rotating, convenient to use. The wrist strap is a magic strap, which can be easily adjusted in size.


1. High-quality road bike mirror, sturdy and durable, waterproof and weather resistance.
2. Wristband mirror, which can be used as a bicycle and motorcycle mirror, free and easy to carry.
3. 360 degree rotatable convex mirror, wide field of vision, the rider can clearly see the rear.
4. Adjustable wrist strap, fashionable watch style design can also be used as exquisite hand accessories.
5. Check the situation behind the road at any time, used for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes.

Item name: Bicycle Rear View Mirror
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 0.039kg/0.085lb
Wrist strap length: 42.5cm/16.57inch
Mirror: 5cm/1.95inch
Color: Black
Package Dimensions: 7.7 × 6.8 × 3.4 cm/3 × 2.65 × 1.32 inch

Package list:
1 x Bicycle Rear View Mirror


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