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DYU D3F With Pedal Foldable Moped Electric Bike -10AH Lithium Battery


  • 240W Motor
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • Adjustable Height
  • 10AH Lithium Battery
  • 14 Inch Inflatable Rubber Tires
  • Max Speed 25km/h ; Up To 45km Range
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DYU D3F With Pedal Foldable Moped Electric Bike

240W brushless full-disk motor

DYU E-bike uses a 240W brushless full-disk motor, strong power for every riding. The motor uses imported Hall software, IPX5 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, strengthen sealing technology, performance platform up to 95%, power increase more than 20%, lower energy consumption.
3 seconds 0-20 Accelerate
25KM/H Maximum speed
20°Maxium climbing

Large Capacity Battery & High Speed Motor

DYU D3F Electric Bike has a 240W brushless full-disk motor, it can provide stable and sufficient driving force, and the speed can be up to 25 km/h; 36V 10AH high-capacity removable lithium battery only takes 3-4 hours per charge, which can provide about 17-23 kilometers of riding mileage.
Mileage(pure electric):20±3km
In the case of a rider 50kg, outdoor temperature 25, 20km/h, the measured endurance up to 23km in the case of constant speed uninterrupted riding.

3 Working Models & Dual Disc-Brake Design

DYU Electric Bike has 3 intelligent cycling modes – E-bike & Assisted bicycle & Normal bike. Also has a dual disc-brake design, the drive makes the breaks more sensitive, the dual disc-brake fully improve the braking performance, make the braking distance shorter and driving safer.

DTST intelligent sensing system & Dual disc-brake

Smart DTST intelligent sensing system easily enlarge the strength of the feet and no problem climbing.
The DYU electric bike equipped with DTST intelligent sensing system can automatically sense the strength of the feet. Output the appropriate electric power to assist the ride, feeling that your feet can ride easily.
The power intervention is smooth and natural, making you to enjoy the comfortable of technology every moment of your ride.

Adjustable Spring Seat & Folding design & Full metal frame & Cruise control

30cm interval adjustable spring seat to find a comfortable ride point. On the saddle pin there is a marking for the maximal height. Above this height, the upper part of the frame will tend to break. Do not surpass the marking.
One-step folding design, portable, easy to put in the trunk. The width is only 200mm after folded.
The body of the DYU ebike is made of metal frame, which is light in weight and strong in stability. Built carefully though 58 procedures, bearing 120kg. So easy that can be lifted up by one hand.

Dual disc-brake & Cruise control

Dual disc-brake, stop at a moment – Passion on craftsmanship exquisite on quality, DYU designed an ultra-quiet front and rear disc brakes. Everyone is trying to build a high-security electric bike. The key to success is to do everything possible. This is why the DYU uses a dual disc-break: The drive makes the breaks more sensitive, the dual disc-brake fully improve the braking performance, make the braking distance shorter and driving safer. (Brake distance is 1.8m in sunny days. Brake distance is 2.5m in rainy days)
Cruise control – When you are riding, press and release the cruise button, then the bike will move at the current speed. If press the button again or repress the accelerator or brake will cancel the cruise function.


After unpacking, loosen the handle bar & quick release, adjust the horizontal handle to the right direction, lock the horizontal handle, and gently hold the brake lever several times, adjust the brake lines to the best condition.
On/off: Press the switch button on left handle bar to turn on the E-bike, the dash board will light up; Press the switch button again to turn off the E-bike.
Charging: Connect the charger to the power plug and then to the E-bike. When the charger indicator turns green from red, it shows full power.
Battery status: After booting, the dash board lights up and the electricity shows up, it has four grids, Corresponding to high power, medium power and low power respectively.
Headlight: the headlight is in manual control mode, the control button under the meter, press it to turn on/off the light.




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