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HIMO Z20 MAX Main Features

  • EN15194 Certified By SGS
  • Removable 36V/10Ah lithium battery pack
  • 250W brushless DC motor
  • Shimano 6-Gang
  • Plastic mudguards and Iron mudguards


250W Powerful Motor

The 250w rear hub motor makes you unafraid to sprint steep hills, you can do it with its help.
There are three different assist functions and systems:
0-No-assist mode, power of human pedals
1-Pedal assist mode, the motor will release 30-70% of the power
2- Pedal + throttle assist mode, the motor will release 70-90% of the power
3-Throttle assist mode, the motor will release 100% of the power.

Removable Battery  with Invisible Design

The HIMO Z20 e-bikes feature a lithium-based battery that allows you to travel an average of 80 km with little pedal-assistance, while in the full electric mode you will get about 50 km and about 500 charge cycles. The battery is integrated into the frame of the HIMO Z20.

Front and rear lights with LCD display

Before you start riding, you can set your riding assistance mode through the LCD light. At the same time, he will record your riding data in real time during your ride, including the riding mode riding trip, riding speed, power and so on.The display is better to read in the sunlight and also indicates if lights are on.

High-Efficiency Tyre

CST 20 inch x 2 inch sturdy tires, alloy wheels are not easy to damage. At the same time, equipped with a proprietary inflatable pump, please fill the tire pressure before riding, make it easy to take less effort to ride, and extend the life of the tire.

Premium Aircraft-grade Design

The new HIMO electric bike is waterproof by IPX7 standard. Although it is an electric bike, you can ride it in the rain. Another benefit of the design is that you can remove the battery and ride manually without it.

Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

The new HIMO Z20 boosts a good brake system to guarantee balanced and decisive braking as needed. Braking distance on a dry road is 4 meters, and on a wet road is up to 6 meters.

Flexible Folding Mechanism

If you need to fold your e-bike even more compact the HIMO Z20 is definitely the better option with anti-skid folding pedals and handlebars to make everything simple. The frame of the new HIMO Z20 folds in half needing less storage space in length.

The folded size makes it easier to carry! The new product measures 1095 x 1470mm when disassembled, and 750 x 860mm when folded.

IPX7 Water Resistance Rating

The HD display is ready to handle the toughest weather conditions! The HIMO Z20’s display has received an IPX7 water resistance rating for excellent resistance to the outside world.

Hidden inflatable pump

The saddle tube is designed with an inflatable pump, which adds a sense of security to the e-bike and allows the tires to be filled with gas anytime, anywhere, so you can ride as far as possible

CE Certification by SGS lab

HIMO Z20MAX comply with the EU EN15194:2017 standard and abtain CE Certification by SGS lab.
It is legal and compliant, let us ride it with perfectly confidence!


  • A- Total Length 146cm
  • B — Handlebar Height 105cm
  • C — Wheelbase 96cm
  • D — Seat Height 43cm
  • E — Maximum Seat Height 82cm
  • F — Chain Stay Length 127cm
  • G — Wheel Diameter 51cm
  • H — Handlebar Length 63cm
  • I — Top Tube Length 52cm
  • J — Head Tube Length 13cm
  • K — Standover Height 58cm


CE CertificationEN15194:2017 (View File)
ChargerSmart Charger
Max Range80km
ControllerG250W DC Brushless Motor
MotorHall Brushless Gear DC Motor
DisplayHD LCD Dispaly
Brake  FrameAluminum alloy
Max Load120kg
Rider Heights150cm-190cm
Assist Intelligent0-3 level pedal assist
Max Speed25km/h


Front ForkAlloy Front Suspension Frok
Brake lever Aluminum Alloy
GearingShimano 6-Speed
Rear LightRelector Tail Light
Front LightIPX7 Waterproof 1200lumen
Brake Mechanical Disc Brake
SaddleIntegrated In-seat Air Pump


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