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JIMMY BX7 Pro Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner [Delivers Directly to Door in 7-9 Days]


  • Composite brushroll deep and fast tapping
  • 700W Strong power
  • UV-C sterilization killing 99.99% bacteria
  • Dual cyclone system constant suction power
  • Widen suction port remove mites more efficiently
  • 60℃ Constant high temperature
  • Dust sensing technology detect the number of dust
  • Ultra sound destroy mites’ nerves

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Dust mites are everywhere

Studies have shown that mites, pollen, hair, dander, bacteria and other allergens can be easily found in ‘clean’ bed and sofa.There are up to 13270 dust mites in 1g bed dust.

Do you know the harm of dust mites?

Patented composite brushroll removes mite deep from mattress

Patented soft rubber strip + soft hair strip composite brushroll, with independent brushroll motor, JIMMY BX7Pro can easily pick up fine dust and dust mites deep in the mattress without hurting its surface.

Powerful 700W High Precision Motor
New generation of upgraded high precision motor provides more powerful suction power and makes lower noise, energy-saving and efficiency.


Smart dust/dust mites sensor
The intelligent detection sensor can calculate the dust mites in the environment with high precision.
When the LED light turns red, it means that there are more dust/dust mites, and when it turns blue, it means the surface is clean.


60℃ high temperature killing mites
Heat to 60℃ in 5 seconds, penetrate bedding & mattress deeply, kill mites & bacteria quickly, you can enjoy warmth even on wet and rainy days.


UV Killing 99.99% bacteria
JIMMY BX7Pro anti-mite vacuum cleaner releases 253nm* ultraviolet wavelength to destroy mite cells, can kill 99.9% mites and bacteria.
And when the machine leaves the surface, the UV lamp will automatically turn off to avoid ultraviolet radiation damage.


Dual cyclone filtration system
Patented* dual cyclone filtration technology, separate dust mite and dust from the air, less clogging on dust cup, machine suction is more constant.


3 Different Modes
3 modes can meet your different cleaning needs, clean in place, no damage to clothes.


Ultrasound effectively kills dust mites
Ultrasound can destroy the nerves of the mites, prevent the growth of the mites, and effectively eliminate the mites for a long time.


One machine for multiple uses
Remove mites and dander from the bed
Clean mites and pet hair from the sofa
Clean bacteria and mites from crib
Remove mites and hair from clothing

Certified by the Allergy UK Foundation
Tested and certified by professional institutions, the mite removal rate is over 99.9%.

Bass noise reduction design
High-precision motor, low operating sound, only 78 dB(A), to create a comfortable home environment for you.


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