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JIMMY H8 Pro 160AW Cordless Vacuum Cleaner [Delivers Directly to Door in 7-9 Days]


  • 160AW Strong Suction
  • 70min Long Runtime
  • Intelligent LED Display
  • Auto Suction Adjustment
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • Multiple Brush Heads
  • Dual Cyclone Design
  • HEPA Filtration System


JIMMY H8 Pro: Your Powerful & Lightweight Vacuum

JIMMY H8 Pro comes with a 500W brushless motor that offers strong suction power and a large battery pack that enables long runtime. What’s more, it has an ultra-light weight, which makes it effortless to hold and use. Own an H8 Pro vacuum, and your cleaning will be easy and effortless.


Easy to Hold, Effortless to Carry

JIMMY H8 Pro has an extra light weight and a special upper handle, which is easy to hold and convenient to carry. You can hold the machine tightly and effortlessly even when you lift it up to clean the top of your furniture. Clean with H8 Pro, and you will never feel tired.

Vacuum Efficiently with Strong Power

The brushless digital motor features high efficiency, strong suction and great durability. With 500W power and 25KPa suction, JIMMY H8 Pro can remove all kinds of dirt and achieve an efficient and thorough cleaning around your house.

Limitless Runtime with Replaceable Battery Pack

Equipped with 7 cells of 3000mAh lithium batteries, H8 Pro can work up to 70 minutes on a full charge. Thanks to the detachable design, its runtime can be limitless by charging one battery pack while using another spare one, which is ideal for cleaning big houses.

Adapt to All Floors with Auto Suction Adjustment

H8 Pro is designed with 4 modes, including eco, turbo, max and auto modes. In auto mode, the suction power changes as it moves to different floor surfaces. For instance, the suction boosts when it works on carpets. This smart design helps to clean all types of floor thoroughly.

Reach Any Corners by Multiple Tools

Coming with 5 different brush heads, a multi-angle connector and a stretch hose, H8 Pro is able to pick up debris and dust in any corners and areas. Own an H8 Pro cleaner, and you’ll be happy to find out that you’ve got all the cleaning tools you need for cleaning the whole house.


Easy Control by Smart LED Display

The intelligent LED screen can not only display useful information, such as battery level, but also allow you to shift among different modes easily, making your vacuum easier to control and smarter to use.


Remove Hair without Getting Tangled

The floorhead is improved with a comb structure that can prevent human or pet hair from wrapping around the brushroll, making it a good helper for pet owners.


Remove 99.97% Dirt with Dual Cyclone + HEPA Filtration

The dual-cyclone technology efficiently separates dust from the air and the HEPA filtration system is able to trap 99.97% allergens and dust. This combination is capable of reducing suction loss and blockage, leaving you an effective cleaning.


Convenient Charging with 2 Options

The H8 Pro cleaner comes with a charging base and a separate charger that allows you to charge the machine on the charging base without drilling into your wall or charge the battery pack separately.


Easy to Clean & Wash

It’s easy to clean and wash dirty parts of H8 Pro. Its filter and brushroll are both easy to disassemble and wash. To empty the dust cup, it requires only a single press of the button without getting your hands dirty. Cleaning a vacuum machine is no trouble for users that own an H8 Pro model.


Package List

There are 13 parts in total, including a metal tube, a stretch hose, a handheld vacuum, an adaptor, a charging holder, a charging stand, a detachable batter pack, a connector and 5 different brush heads.


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